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Top About DreamScape
Product Quality Excellence

RoysonsDreamScape is a brand of the Roysons Corporation, a world class manufacturer with a long standing reputation for quality and excellence. DreamScape products benefit from Roysons proven and diverse capabilities in such markets as:

  • wall coverings
  • wallboard
  • shelving
  • pool liners
  • roofing
  • reinforced synthetic membranes
  • decorative finger bandages
  • window shades
  • wide range of specialty coatings

As a printer and laminator for our own proprietary products, the Roysons manufacturing team is uniquely in tune with the critical aspects of producing quality products.

DreamScape products include more than 20 unique textured surfaces which may be digitally imprinted with any design to use as interior surface coverings. Imagine adding a tactile and dimensional effect to your next projects wall, ceiling, or window!

The beautiful range in textures of these embossed vinyl surfaces gives you a complete range of decorative options. A great selection of roll sizes - std widths of 75", 60", 54" - and std lengths of 75', 150', and 300' textured surfaces greatly reduce the common print defect of banding which allows faster printing.

Quality You Can See and Feel

Why use DreamScape Products?
Right from the start, you will notice the care we take in packaging dreamScape products so that they reach you in perfect condition. Each roll is suspended inside a sturdy, re-usable box. NO FLAT SPOTS - NO DINGS. Special packaging prevents any dirt or moisture from contaminating the material.Packaging

DreamScape "truwhite" vinyl is monitored during production with the tightest level of repeatability. Our roll to roll consistency is the highest in the industry. In addition to our stringent internal controls, each production run is assigned a lot number allowing the printer to guarantee identical results by using serialized material.

Uniqueness You Can Touch!
Our textured embossings will add a whole new dimension to your work - the third dimension! Not only will your prints look more realistic - but they can feel real too. With dreamScape you can literally create images that please the eyes and the hands.

Performance You Can Count On!

  1. Many users of our embossed vinyl's find that they can increase their printing efficiency. The embossing textures have a tendency to hide many of the imperfections associated with digital printing -- as a result many users can actually print at faster speeds.
  2. Each roll of DreamScape is backed by our unconditional guarantee. If you are having a problem, chances are that our technical support can find the solution. Otherwise product can be returned up to 30 days from shipment for a complete refund. Click here for our complete return policy.
  3. DreamScape has been used in many parts of the world. This system has been shown to be stable under many different atmospheric conditions.
  4. Our product line is constantly evaluated, tested and improved. If it can be made better -- it will be.