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Top Installing GlassTex Products
GlassTex Glass Texture Installation Tips & Information

Suggested Tools: Scissors, Tape Measure, Razor Knife, Ruler, Plastic Card Squeegee, Spray Bottle, and Paper Towel.

  1. Clean the areas to which the film is to be applied, removing all traces of dirt, grime, grease, etc.
  2. Carefully measure the height and width of the glass surface. Oversize the film up to 3/4" extra material on each side of the film and cut the film to this size.
  3. Create your own wetting solution by adding 8 drops (a one second short squeeze) of very mild detergent (baby shampoo or dish detergent like "Joy" NOT HAND SOAP) into a 32oz. spray bottle filled with water.
  4. Lay the cut to size decorative film on a clean flat surface with the release liner up, or have someone hold the piece to be applied for you. Remove the release liner and spray the now exposed adhesive surface thoroughly with the wetting solution. Apply a generous amount of the wetting solution to the glass. The wetting solution prevents the film from sticking to the surface immediately, thereby allowing you more time in which to properly position the film.
  5. Place the now wet film onto the clean glass surface. Wet the face of the film to be squeegeed. Use the plastic card squeegee and squeegee from the center out towards the edges to remove any air bubbles and wetting solution. Double check that the film is flat and smooth with no remaining air bubbles and water .
  6. If any bubbles are not removed after Step 4, then squeegee them out towards the closest edge.
  7. Trim the excess film from the edges of the surface. It is ideal to cut in one continuous movement, using the ruler and razor knife. Use the paper towels for cleaning the glass surface and for the absorption of excess wetting solution around the edges.
  8. The film may take a few days to dry in order for it to completely adhere to the glass surface.

The surface to which the film will be applied should be very clean, free of dirt, dust particles and silicone. Make sure there are no dry spots on the film prior to placing it onto the glass.
Take care that when removing the release liner the film does not roll over onto itself. It will stick together and is difficult to pull apart. Wet the film as the liner is removed!

Tip to remove liner:
To separate the liner from the film take two pieces of scotch tape and stick them opposite each other at one corner…then pull these two pieces of tape apart and the liner will separate from the film. The adhesive surface will now be exposed. Wet this adhesive surface. Do not let the film fall upon itself as it will stick if not wet and it will be hard to separate!

Seaming Glass Films:
For windows that are wider than the available width of glassTex films, Industry standards allow for seaming. Standard Installation for seaming is a but-join type seam. The films are overlapped and cut through with a sharp blade using a straight edge. The excess films are removed. A slight light line may appear. This is normally the width of the blade point. This is acceptable.

Maintenance Cleaning & Care:
glassTex Decorative Window Films are virtually maintenance free. No special care is necessary. Normal cleaning with a mild window cleaner is ideal. (Windex, Glass Plus, Ammonia and water are all fine with a clean soft paper towel or squeegee). It is not recommended that anything abrasive be used. The frequency of cleaning will not affect the film in any way.

  Download PDF glassTex Installation Instruction Sheet