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Top Media Specifications and Printer Profiles
Media Specifications
Product Specs and Files:
          Architectural Specification Sheet for Digital Wallcovering (Vinyl based)
Architectural Specification Sheet for Digital Wallcovering ( Non PVC - Terralon)
          Wallcovering Physical Properties and Specifications
          Wallcovering Printer and Installer Instructions - traditional dreamscape ( not WallWrap)
          Maintenance, Care and Cleaning for Dreamscape Wallcoverings
          Textured WallWraps Spec Sheet plus Install Instructions
DreamGuard Product Information and Instruction Flyer


Tech Tips and Recommendations:

Recommended Printer Settings

Tech Tips - managing print shading in digital wallcoverings

NOTICE - These profiles provided on this site are provided as a convenience for dreamScape media users only. Because different printing systems behave differently, the performance of these profiles may vary from system to system. For best results, make sure you have updated ink restriction settings and linearization before installing a new profile. dreamScape does not provide any warranty, expressed or implied, associated with the use of these profiles and is not liable for loss or damage resulting from the use of these profiles.
Media Profiles
HP Latex Dreamscape

Dreamscape Suede is Certified for HP Latex Inks
Dreamscape Suede     Dreamscape Suede is Certified for HP Latex Inks
Dreamscape Terralon
Dreamscape Matte
Dreamscape Luster
Dreamscape Bling!
Dreamscape Caviar ( Self Adhesive Repostionable)
Dreamscape Mystical -for HP 850.oms
Dreamscape Mystical- for HP 850.oml
  Wasatch -dreamScape Wallcovering- Mimaki JV3
  Wasatch - dreamScape Wallcovering-Mimaki JV5
Wasatch - dreamScape Wallcovering- HP DesignJet 8000
WASATCH MEDIA PROFILES   Wasatch - dreamScape Wallcovering- Mutoh Valujet 1204
    Wasatch - dreamScape Wallcovering- Roland Versacam SP300v
  Onyx -dreamScape Wallcovering - Mimaki JV33
  Onyx -dreamScape Textured Wall Wraps - Mimaki JV33
  Onyx -dreamScape GlassTex - Mimaki JV33
  Onyx - dreamScape Wallcovering- Mimaki JV3 - 6 color
  Onyx - dreamScape Wallcovering- Mimaki JV3 - 4 color
ONYX MEDIA PROFILES   Onyx - dreamScape Wallcovering- Mimaki JV5 - 6 color
    Onyx -dreamScape Wallcovering- Mimaki JV5 - 4 color
Onyx- HP Latex dreamscape Suede
  Onyx -dreamScape Wallcovering- Mutoh Valujet 1204
  Onyx -dreamScape Wallcovering- Roland SolJet 745
  Onyx -dreamScape Wallcovering- Roland Versacam SP300v